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specialized business services

Our firm specializes in providing small businesses with financial record-keeping and organizational guidance tailored to their specific needs. We take care of your paperwork so you can focus on running your business smoothly. 

Some of the Specialized Services We Offer

Bookkeeping: We offer customized bookkeeping services based on each client’s unique requirements. Along with regular bookkeeping and bank reconciliations, we can also provide additional services such as accounts receivable and accounts payable follow-up, payroll preparation, and preparation and filing of government remittances.
Corporate Registry & Renewals: We can help you with provincial and federal corporate registry and renewals, ensuring that you are compliant with all the regulations and requirements.
Accounting: We provide accounting services that help you keep your financial records up-to-date, accurate, and easy to understand. Our team of experts can also help you with financial statements, including monthly, quarterly, and annual statements, that provide a clear overview of your business’s financial health.
Financial Statements: We know that understanding financial statements can be challenging. That’s why we take the time to explain what they are, how they work, and why they are important. Our team will help you understand the difference between revenues and expenses, assets and liabilities, and much more.
Payroll Preparation: Payroll can be a time-consuming and complicated process. That’s where we come in. We can handle everything from monthly source deductions to year-end T4s and records of employment. We can also assist you with reporting and remittances.
Business Plans: A solid business plan is essential for securing bank financing and building a successful business. Our team can assist you in preparing a business plan that includes financial projections, marketing strategies, and much more.
GST and PST Registration, Reporting, and Remittances: We can help you with the registration, reporting, and remittance of GST and PST. Our team will ensure that you are compliant with all the regulations and deadlines.

In summary, our specialized services are designed to help you take the stress out of financial record-keeping and stay on top of your business’s finances. Whether you need assistance with bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, or business plans, we’ve got you covered. We can meet you in-person around Langley or remotely if you want to discuss any of the aforementioned services.