personal and business accounting, tax & bookkeeping

Tax Services for People

T1 Tax returns, Disability Tax Credits and more

Tax Services For Business

Small Business Returns, Corporate Returns, CRA Communications, Tax Appeals and more

Specialized Services

GST and PST Registration, Reporting and Remittance, Bookkeeping, and so much more


We provide small business with financial record keeping and organizational guidance specific to their needs.


The right information and guidance can make all the difference in your life and your business


At the end of the day the knowledge and understanding that a professional accountant can provide will mean more money for you with less struggle.

Experience and Knowledge

We are a professional accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and consulting firm. We provide services to
corporations, small business, families and individuals. Our goal at MLL Accounting, Tax & Consulting is to
provide you with excellent and dependable service specific to your needs at a reasonable cost.

What clients say

best accountants ever
Albert James
saved my life
Johm Tomkins
the best and so fast!!!
Dilbert Jones

Accounting News

Behind in your taxes? Covid taxes have you confused? Not sure where to start?