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StudentInformationBasicTypicalIntermediateComplexSelf Employment
Tuition receipt - T2202 (4 months full-time)Credits and Benefits - Statement of Benefit T5007, Child Care BenefitEmployment Income (One T4), Old Age Security - T4A (OAS) and CPP T4A (P) Multiple T4s, Pension Income CPP Benefits, Social Assistance and WCB, Transit passes/Union Dues/UCCB Eligible dependant, Interest Expense, Charitable Donations/Medical Expenses, RRSP Income/Contributions, Tuition transfers, Investment Income Capital gains/Caregiver amount/Child Care expenses, Employment Expense/Pension Income Splitting Business, Professional, Commission, and Farming Income & Expenses
$80.00$80.00$95.00$125.00$150.00$225.00 and up$325.00 and up

Web Design

website, web design

Rates are $80 per hour for web design and updates. Please email for a quote or more information.